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Odds & Ends, Volkswagen — November 9, 2011 at 8:06 pm

Some Thing Cherished


Volkswagen has a gallery of Type 181 photos recently posted on their media site, including the ones below. Children of the sixties and seventies may remember the Type 181 as The Thing. My high school classmates may recall that funny looking yellow car I drove back in the day.

VW Thing action

Mild off-road capability.

Oddly for inland suburban Atlanta, two of my classmates had Type 181 VWs also, including Alex’s black and white one and Cale’s red one. For a short time, Marietta, Georgia probably boasted the highest per capita Thing concentration outside of Southern Cali.

VW Thing top up

Maximum character.

Speaking of L.A., I’d like to think that VW posted the Thing gallery to foreshadow the surprise premier of a new Thing concept at next week’s LA Auto Show. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

One more, er, Thing… A photo from a Thing brochure I bought decades ago at the big Auburn, Indiana A-C-D Auction swap meet.

Volkswagen Thing dealer brochure

Apparently 21mpg was good in 1973.