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Motorsports, Nissan — June 21, 2012 at 2:02 pm

Nissan GT-R at the Monticello Motor Club


Golf schmolf. That’s this car junkie’s humble opinion of the value of a country club membership. But joining an exclusive motorsports facility like Monticello Motor Club, which is just 90 miles from Manhattan and includes 4.1 miles of smooth tarmac? That’s more my speed. Sure, one must plunk down the $125,000 initiation fee, plus a bit over $10,000 per year to maintain a Gold membership to MMC, but aren’t you worth it?

Last week’s GT-R Experience brought at least 42 (yep, I counted the “Godzillas” in the above photo) examples of Nissan’s top performer to the park for some track-day fun. Check out one driver’s hot lap below. Call me crazy, but that looks a bit more fun than whacking a little white ball across some over-fertilized grass then chasing it down in a tiny electric car, only to repeat the process over and over.

Yes. One Gold membership to the Monticello Motor Club and one Nissan GT-R, please. Anyone want to sponsor me? Will write for track time!