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2012 GMC Terrain Video Review


This is the 2012 GMC Terrain, a five-passenger crossover vehicle nearing the end of its model year. The 2013 Terrain is already on the way. It’s available with a larger-displacement V6 and offered in luxury Denali trim. Those updates for 2013 may mean a bargain on the 2012 Terrain, as dealers make room for the new model. The Terrain is the smaller of GMCs two crossover vehicles. The larger Acadia has a third row of seating to accommodate more passengers.


If you like the ride height and space of a crossover or SUV, but you don’t need a third row to accommodate more than five passengers, consider the Terrain or its Chevy-branded sister model, the Equinox. It’s on the large side among compact crossovers with sufficient space for people and cargo. And with the 2013 model on the way, now may be a great time to take advantage of GMC dealers eager to offer bargains.