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Speedwell Engineering, LTD Hosts Tour of Outstanding Private Collection


Atlanta Private Car CollectionRobert Farris of Speedwell Engineering, LTD invited me on a tour last Saturday of an inclusive collection of interesting automobiles. Spread over two locations, the private collection totals about fifty vehicles from the brass era to the modern era. Race cars, elegant pre-war classics, muscle cars, European GTs and exotic supercars are on display side-by-side, most in show-quality condition.

The tour was hosted by¬†Speedwell Engineering, LTD, Farris’s service and restoration shop, and the North Georgia Jaguar Club. Speedwell specializes in classic, pre-War and European sports cars and serves clients–including the owner of this collection–at its Canton, Georgia location.Mopar Muscle Cars

Choosing a favorite between the two groups of vehicles would be nearly impossible. Both included rare beauties that most car enthusiasts seldom get to explore. The first location we visited includes the majority of the collection. Just inside its big, wooden roll-up door is a Lamborghini Miura P400S that temporarily stole the attention of nearly every visitor. Next to it sits a collection of muscle cars, mostly Mopar models, my favorite of which is a mean looking Hemi ‘Cuda.

Collection-031Also at the first location is a wide range of pre-war classics with nameplates like Cord, Packard, Lincoln, LaSalle and Pierce-Arrow. The attention to detail on these cars is incredible, and it’s perhaps most evident in their intricate hood ornaments.

Atlanta Private Car CollectionThe second location also housed some pre-war cars and the earliest car in the collection, a 1913 Hotchkiss. But in this building, sports cars got the most attention. That’s no surprise considering the iron on hand: Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster and Gullwing, SLS McLaren, Spyker C8, Ford GT, Corvettes, Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Jag club members were especially excited to see a Jaguar XJ220 on hand.

Collection-060Thanks to Robert Farris, Speedwell Engineering, LTD, the North Georgia Jaguar Club and especially the owner for sharing this exciting collection. Thanks also to Dave May Photography for contributing these images. See Dave’s complete gallery that includes a series of beautiful hood ornament photos here.

  • RKelsch

    As I was looking through the gallery, I saw that the Ford GT looked almost identical to one I saw in Motorama in my town several years ago. That was probably one of the most expensive cars I had ever seen, until I saw an original Ford GT40 in another show. So now, by the age of 16, I have seen two of my favorite cars from two different eras. Though I must say, I like the Hemi ‘Cuda as well.