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Dunwoody Driving Club Friday Night Lights


I just attended my first Friday Night Lights car show, a fun little gathering hosted by the Dunwoody Driving Club. The event gave me my first opportunity to try out my new audio recorder. After spending far too much time learning to edit the sounds from the show, I’m ready to share a short clip. Here are the sounds of three cars I saw. Plug in your headphones, crank it and enjoy.


Any guesses as to what you’re hearing? Leave a comment below.

  • Patricia

    My favorite sound is the third one, which is…

  • Amanda

    I’ve got no guesses. But was it a “clear eyes, full hearts…” experience?

  • AutoPalermo

    Indeed. Although it poured down rain, I’d say we couldn’t lose.

  • Erci

    benz V8, air cooled porsche, ferrari?

    • Nick Palermo

      I can’t really remember now! I think it goes Austin-Healey (straight-6), Benz 220SE, and I remember with certainty that the last one is a Gallardo.