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I love fast, rare and beautiful cars. But I appreciate the automobile most for its core purpose – transporting humans. Modern cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans and crossover vehicles get us to school and to work. They let us travel to faraway destinations so we can see new places or visit loved ones. With an automobile the individual enjoys a tremendous amount of freedom.

While some everyday vehicles may not be fast or sexy, nearly all modern automobiles rank among the most economical, most comfortable, safest and most technologically advanced automobiles in history. It really is a golden era that demands my attention. Still, I’m enamored of the classic automobiles that got us here.

I’m Nick Palermo, Living Vroom’s author and a freelance automotive writer. I’m a father of twins and a lifelong automobile enthusiast who follows the automotive industry from Atlanta.

Dave May is an Atlanta location photographer and automobile enthusiast. His automotive work is the result of his passion for the technical and creative aspects of photography as well as his appreciation for the vehicles themselves. Dave and I work together to bring readers words and images that evoke the emotions that these machines stir inside us. Dave writes about his work on his blog.