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Odds & Ends, Porsche — November 9, 2011 at 4:51 pm

Clever Amateur Film Wins Porsche Contest


Back in September, my article on the Porsche My Daily Magic film competition pointed out Michael Koerbel’s clever transitional device in his film “It’s a Magical Life.” Koerbel’s film went on to win the competition, earning him a trip to LA, nationwide screening in theaters and on television, and a 1-year lease on a new 911.

With so many special, life-changing moments in the film, I’m not sure it closely follows the “everyday” theme of the competition. But it’s certainly a unique take. Instead of showing viewers the car, Koerbel shows us what it’s like to be a 911. Can I be reincarnated, no pun intended, as a Porsche? It looks to be a magical life.