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Ford — November 8, 2011 at 11:27 am

MyFord Touch Gets Upgrades


Ford’s touch-screen infotainment system called MyFord Touch has recently drawn criticism and, according to Consumer Reports, contributed to Ford’s poor performance in their annual Auto Reliability Study. Ford saw the biggest drop of any brand, going from 10th last year to 20th this year. Hoping to improve the system, Ford is releasing an updated MyFord Touch system it says is faster, simpler and easier to use.

Home screen of updated MyFord Touch interface

The revised technology will be found first on 2013 Escape, Flex and Taurus models. An update will also be available to existing MyFord Touch owners starting early next year.

Ford’s is addressing what it says are customers’ primary concerns with a new, simpler interface and faster touch-screen response times. But the real questions surround the system’s stability. Many drivers have reported instances of the display freezing up, an issue cured only by a slow reboot. The updated MyFord Touch needs to prove more stable to remedy all of customers’ concerns.

Whether or not the average car buyer currently prefers complex infotainment systems like MyFord Touch, such equipment is likely here to stay. As with any new technology, functionality will improve and flaws will be sorted out as use becomes more widespread.