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Chevrolet, Diesel, Fisker, Ford, Hybrid/EV, Mercedes-Benz, Odds & Ends — March 30, 2012 at 12:11 pm

Five Cars for the Mega Millions Winner


With over $500 million up for grabs in the 42-state Mega Millions lottery, somebody will be buying some cars soon. The drawing for the biggest jackpot in the nation’s history is tonight. If one or more people hit all the numbers, they’ll walk away with plenty of money to choose whatever vehicle they want to drive. Here are my five recommendations for the Mega Millions big winner(s).

1. Rolls-Royce Phantom
A limo for the winner who prefers to be driven naturally comes first. And when personal net worth is in the hundreds of millions, a Rolls-Royce is appropriate. The $400,000 V12-powered Phantom weighs more than an Ford Expedition and measures two feet longer. The second-row throne is your spot.


2. Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
You can’t buy class, but you can buy the most powerful production Camaro Chevy has ever built. The 580-horsepower ZL1 will hit 60 mph in under four seconds and will do 184 mph flat out. With a price tag of just $55,000, you’ll want one each of the coupe and convertible body styles, plus a few more to give away to friends. When it breaks, park it and put some holes in it with the Browning.

3. Fisker Karma
The younger millionaire might like this gorgeous, hundred-thousand-dollar sedan. It is (relatively) fast, (relatively) rare and (relatively) green thanks to a plug-in electric series hybrid powertrain. You’ll enjoy gliding quietly in electric mode, but won’t be stranded when the battery runs out. The Karma is so Hollywood – glamorous and self-obsessed. Justin Bieber has one, so you should, too.

4. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
Engineering with attitude – that’s the feel of the $200,000 SLS gullwing coupe and roadster. If you already appreciated finely crafted things before becoming a hundred-millionaire, the wickedly fast yet sophisticated SLS may be ideal. It makes a fine everyday driver, but opens up with a mean exhaust note and supercar performance upon a curl of your right toe.

5. Ford F-250 Super Duty Platinum
A luxurious pickup is key for getting around the grounds of your country estate, mountain lodge or chalet. And the diesel-powered Ford is the king, especially in newly available Platinum trim. For around $70,000, you’ll get everything Ford will put in the tough truck, including 20-inch wheels and lots of chrome outside, plus wood trim and leather inside. Even if you eschew work, an F-250 makes a handy addition to the vacation home’s garage.

  • Jane Sapp

    If we win, but first off we have to buy a ticket to win, we will buy one of each because Nick does just a good job telling us why we NEED these cars.

  • dante sandroni

    i think the viedo review was a smash hit!! keep up the work Nick!!!!