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1969 Dodge Charger Daytona: Spoiler Alert!

This week, Hemmings Classic Wheels features my article on the race-bred, limited-production 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona, a car that was purpose built to beat the fastest Fords on the track, but was also for sale to regular customers in Dodge showrooms. Although the Daytona topped 200 mph and won at the first-ever NASCAR race at Talladega, retail sales were a […]

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Scouting Mission – Classic Domestic Iron

Dave May and I had a chance to visit a local collector yesterday, and wound up finding a whole lot more than we anticipated. Here are a few nice examples from his substantial collection. We hope to bring one or more articles and galleries dedicated to individual vehicles from this collection soon. The weather did not allow us to shoot […]

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Another Pilot-House Dodge in the Neighborhood

I have spotted two more Pilot-house Dodge pickups within a mile of the green B3. Here’s one of them, parked at a garage in East Atlanta Village.

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Vintage Drive: 1951 Dodge B3 “Job-Rated” Pickup

This morning, the Ormewood Park neighborhood of Atlanta probably looks a lot like it did sixty years ago. It was then, in 1951, that my neighbor Rebecca’s Dodge B3 pickup was brand-spanking new. This green and black “Pilot-House” half-ton was built when Americans were buying vehicles and suburban homes and televisions for the first time.

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